10 Best Posts of 2014

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We published 23 articles on film, web, and design this year. Here are my favorite subjects covered this year, often by guest columnists.

  1. Is It Popcorn Time?
    There’s an increasing demand for digitally-delivered entertainment. While the black market has quite innovative approaches, when might older and slower media take a hint?
  2. How Filmmakers Use Pinterest
    The digital corkboard isn’t just for recipes and fashion. Many filmmakers use the up-and-coming social network for project moodboards and self- or project-promotion.
  3. This Time It’s Personal: 3 Tips for Connecting with Your Audience
    Insight through an example indie film, “Gasland,” on getting personal, showing vulnerability, and ending strong. (Guest post by Andrew Linderman.)
  4. Texting Portrayed in Film
    Filmmaker Tony Zhou examines when texting in film is a good thing, and how it’s becoming a more engaging as a storytelling device.
  5. Making the Apps: How Screenwriter John August and His Team Make Apps for Screenwriters
    This well-known screenwriter has a business on the side, filling a void of tools for writers both on desktop and mobile platforms.
  6. Three Efforts for Defending Net Neutrality
    This year’s debate in Washington affected filmmakers who use the web as their delivery platform, since large files and slow bandwidth (proposed by legislation to cap and charge extra) would change today’s open landscape.
  7. To Win An Oscar, Enter These Festivals
    We rounded up the 77 Academy-preferred film festivals to more easily gauge and click-through to where to send your short films.
  8. When a Short Helps Make a Feature
    We rounded up short films that directly led to a feature film counterpart being made. This highlights the few-and-far-between strategy of turning a short into a feature script, while also showcasing how it can be done with memorable results.
  9. “Inspiring Advice” from Matthew Silver
    What began as a meme online – a homeless man in New York City with a great take on life – proved after further investigation to be all an act — from a very creative fellow
  10. Good to Great: 8 Steps to Improving Your Storytelling
    Using “The Karate Kid” as an example, the host of The Story Source shares insight on making a story all the more compelling. (Guest post by Andrew Linderman.)

Got a favorite that’s not here? Browse the archive and comment below.

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