We create original film, web, and design work for those who want to turn it up to eleven

What we create

FWD:labs provides full-service studio work
— all in a one-stop-shop

We craft original video content, custom website experiences, and goal-oriented marketing.

Some of our best work

Making great ideas even greater

Our work has helped make decisions, won awards, created new customers, and communicated a lot of information.

EntertainmentPolaroid "The Mandalorian"Film

OrganizationNational Union of Healthcare WorkersFilm + Web

EntertainmentTroy CreativeWeb


OrganizationUCLA Gold Shield "Portraits"Film

UnionUTLA ElectionsFilm + Web

EntertainmentLouiza "Swim At Night"Film

EntertainmentSonia Nassery ColeWeb

Short FilmSilverlake AfternoonFilm + Design

OrganizationLos Angeles County LibraryFilm


EntertainmentWolfe AirFilm + Web

Those are just some of the highlights. Let us know what you're looking for and we've probably done something just like it before.

We also make web apps on the side — because we can

One web app is for films and filmmakers to show off their best work. Another is for social media marketing analytics to chart out the next ad buy. We made a small business bookkeeping web app to organize expenses and revenue. There’s even one for mobile apps to browse by film job needs. And one more just celebrated 25 years online (with a 22 episode web series). They're all about solving problems, saving time, and being helpful.

Beyond those inventions, we've also hosted salon gatherings and written think-piece articles.

Our clients hire us to solve complex problems

From small businesses to big ideas

We often help startups, unions, nonprofits, and entertainment clients.

National Union of Healthcare Workers
Healthy California Now
sci ARC
Stage THIS

We also work for individuals without logos and those who prefer discretion.

Let's collaborate

Based in Los Angeles and founded by cinematographer Aaron Proctor, FWD:labs has been in business since 2006.

We would love to hear about what your project goals and discuss where we can go together.

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