10 Best Posts of 2013

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Across 34 articles on film, web, and design — including many from contributing creative professionals — here are my favorite subjects covered this year on this blog.

  1. The Tech Behind Bob Dylan’s New “Like A Rolling Stone” Video
    The combination of a web platform alongside a large quantity of quality video was a game-changer for interactive music videos.
  2. Derek Cianfrance’s Long-Shot Game
    Simple narrative storytelling can rock non-traditional markets and their brands.
  3. Before “Midnight,” “Sunset,” and “Sunrise,” Art Imitates Life
    Writing what you know worked well for this duo’s trilogy.
  4. Competing with the Big Guys for Small Dollars
    In the midst of “Veronica Mars” and Zack Braff scooping up millions in crowd-funding dollars, here are some tips on how to play the game of small contributions. (Guest post by Courtney Robertson.)
  5. The Short Before The Feature
    We’re still held hostage in movie theaters that bombard tasteless ads and over-commercialized content before the feature, when instead there should be a larger revival of short-form content.
  6. Before and After The Tiger
    Protests and disdain lasted longer than just the flurry that surrounded last year’s Oscars, where the greenscreen image marked solidarity for visual effect creatives and technicians either not appreciated — or no longer in business — for their efforts.
  7. Putting “Turbo” into Motion
    One of the layout artists for the feature film shares his favorite scenes and how they came together. (Guest post by David Badgerow.)
  8. Story is the New Black: 3 Storytelling Rules to Follow
    Looking at “Orange is the New Black” shows us three simple tips on how to tell good stories. (Guest post by Andrew Linderman.)
  9. Why Aren’t There More Female Cinematographers?
    This female cinematographer looks at why there’s a shortage and what she thinks can be done to help. (Guest post by Lauren Haroutunian.)
  10. Beyond the Crowd: Looking at Film Funding Alternatives to Crowd-Sourcing
    As more people compete for limited crowd-fund dollars, one grantwriter looks at your lesser-known options for getting a project off the ground. (Guest post by Courtney Robertson.)

One of your favorites not on the list? Browse the archive and comment below.

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