10 Best Posts of 2011

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Of the 43 posts this year, ranging from inspired accomplishments to working through obstacles, here is a selection of favorite subjects covered on this blog.

  1. Perspectives on Overtime in the Film Industry
    Some “pro” and “con” reminders about 12-hours on/off that oft go overlooked outside the union
  2. Podcasting for Writers
    FWD:labs member Eric Szyszka explores another medium that’s found a whole new audience
  3. Why did Final Cut drop Pro?
    When you change too much and alienate your base, Apple places a bet which has pro editors jumping ship
  4. Defining the Cinemagraph
    A whole new look at the GIF animation when the loop is intentional and well-composed
  5. Even Glodell’s One-of-a-kind “Bellflower”
    A great tale of independent filmmaking, even if it means trading a custom flamethrower to bring on a benefactor
  6. “Don’t Ever Get Off the Bus”
    Advice from a director who keeps on churning ’em out, in a year where Terrence Malick returned to directing after six years
  7. Making “11-11-11”
    DP Joseph White’s own words on the psychological thriller, including the lessons to simplify and to observe actors’ desires and instincts
  8. When Art Imitates Art
    Imitation might be a form of flattery, but in commercial art, it’s not cool — getting one either some flaming on Twitter or some lawsuits in court
  9. Making “Osama bin Laden’s Final Video”
    5 Second Films shoots weekly, but jumped on a headline for some extra timely entertainment
  10. Big Game Gig: “Pug Attack” Actor Talks Super Bowl Spot
    Actor Jeff Lorch’s own words on a spec commercial that won the grand prize of bring broadcast at this year’s Super Bowl after a simple concept and excellent approach to grassroots, online marketing

One of your favorites not on the list? Browse the archive and comment below.

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