10 Best Posts of 2008

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Of the 53 posts this year, here is a selection of favorite subjects covered on this blog.

  1. “You don’t want to be making mediocre stuff”
    Lessons in quality control from NPR’s great Ira Glass
  2. How Filmmakers Use Basecamp
    Because project management is key to low-budget filmmaking, this collaborative tool is still a favorite for me to refer producers to
  3. My First Red Camera Experience
    The Red is the hottest camera of the year and, after a half dozen more Red shoots, something that I now know well
  4. Will you watch Strike.TV?
    Launched and lauded
  5. Can “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog” Change the Way We Watch?
    Guest post from long-time FWD:labs member, screenwriter Eric Szyszka, on the three episodes which were just now released online via CreateSpace, Amazon’s new DVD distribution
  6. Salon Gathering: First of many to come
    Thirteen meet-ups later, it’s still going strong
  7. Writing through the block
    Guest post from a new FWD:labs member, screenwriter James Granger, who is fresh on the success of finishing and hustling a feature screenplay
  8. Tenacity: “Slumdog Millionaire”
    Considered by many now as the best film of the year, “Slumdog” is inspiring to filmmakers and film lovers
  9. Jason Polan’s Criterion
    Research on a dedicated (and friendly) artist, who commented privately appreciating the post’s thoroughness
  10. User-Generated Spots for Super Tuesday, not Super Bowl
    Examples of the power of grassroots presidential politics and the success of related video content on YouTube

Other favorites not make the list? Browse the archive and comment below.


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