10 Best Posts of 2009

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'Where The Wild Things Are'

The director of 'Where The Wild Things Are' made #8

Of the 48 posts this year, here is a selection of favorite subjects covered on this blog.

  1. Now Playing: “500 Days” Music Video
    Zooey Deschanel’s comment about collaboration is a great reminder of the joy of working with other like-minded creatives
  2. Chris Milk’s Heartache
    Excellent commentary from the music video director, including “MTV, our birth mother, has abandoned us on the stairs of the internet like a shriveled up old man baby.”
  3. Spike Jonze’s Authenticity
    “Everything we did, all the decisions that we made, were to try to capture the feeling of what it is to be 9.” Such a guiding mantra.
  4. Jay-Z’s Rhapsody
    Ten album covers recreated in a seemingly seemless 60-second spot.
  5. More than fair use of Shepard Fairey’s Obama HOPE poster
    In a guest post by director Mathieu Young, he suggests, “[i]f it wasn’t for Shepard, that photo would’ve been just like thousands of others, and fallen into obscurity.”
  6. 4 Years Later: Making the Short Film “Paradise Regained”
    An exclusive interview with director Jaraad Virani about his ambitious 35mm sci-fi drama.
  7. Making “Boom Boom Pow” Pop
    An exclusive interview with two visual effects designers and how they contributed to the Black Eyed Peas music video.
  8. Leveraging Your Fan Club
    My theory on the future of profitable film distribution online. Variety contributor, author, and FWD:labs reader Scott Kirsner would agree.
  9. Taking Guy Richie’s Nike Spot to Next Level
    Excerpted from the Cinematography Mailing List, various technicians weigh in on the helmet-camera commercial
  10. iPhone Apps for Filmmakers
    Our most popular resource — by far — which now also includes apps for Google Android and Windows Mobile.

Other favorites not make the list? Browse the archive and comment below.

Also, check out our top list for 2008.


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