10 Best Posts of 2010

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This year has a theme of control. Whether it’s interacting with the film or audience, or taking the reins to screen or promote your film, 2010 paved a new course for creativity. With budgets and rates suffering from the tail of the recession, the challenges led to new opportunities, where many members of the FWD:labs collective — several of which guest authored posts this year — took it up a notch.

Of the 27 posts this year, here is a selection of favorite subjects covered on this blog.

  1. Creative Fundraising for a Recession-Plagued Film
    Director Reynier Molenaar shares his experiences prior to making Strain, which now has a trailer online
  2. Create It For Yourself
    Director Jaraad Virani four-walled his own festival with two fellow filmmakers, which led to thousands packing into the screening
  3. [Dailies] Creative Videos for the Corporate Web
    Often cited in our productions, these examples show off story videos that work for small businesses to stand out from the pack
  4. The Times vs. Wikileaks and the Convergence of War and Gaming
    Guest contributor Eamon Kircher-Allen discusses the first leak, where a video feed and a video game look all too familiar
  5. Making the Hit Web Series “INST MSGS”
    Show creator Justin Simien shares what it takes to get your show picked up by Revision3 and turned into a popular event
  6. Writing Interactive Film for the iPad
    Writer/director Tim Immordino works on a cutting-edge project with Tool of North America, where touching the device evolves the story
  7. Getting Ridley Scott’s Attention with a Unicorn
    Director Keegan Wilcox did his own promotion — and he ended up winning first place, awarded by Sir Ridley himself
  8. Amazon Studios Experiment
    Screenwriter Barrington Smith-Seetachitt tries an 18-month hold on her work with this new platform; she continues to post on her blog about the progress she observes
  9. Old Spice and Old School
    Ex-national news editor for ADWEEK and FWD:labs advisory board member, Jack Feuer shows how a lot of buzz pales in comparison to an ol’ fashioned coupon
  10. Building Relationships with Online Audiences
    Our interview with The Department of the 4th Dimension founder Matt Checkowski tells an inspiring take of the Intelligentsia coffee videos, which led to numerous follow-up projects

Other favorites not make the list? Browse the archive and comment below.

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