10 Best Posts of 2015

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This year we published 13 articles on film, web, and design, in addition to sharing a few dozen posts on Facebook / Twitter and hosting three more salons. Here are our favorite subjects covered this last year.

  1. Video on Facebook is Getting Better, But It’s Missing One Key Feature
    While there have been a ton of big improvements to video on Facebook, it still sucks for content creators when compared to YouTube.
  2. How to Level Up on Your Creative Projects Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket
    Our guest post by Jackie Lam of Cheapsters broke down how to learn something new, using the example of learning how to record music.
  3. Behind Surrealism in Car Advertising
    We came across a fairly recent television spot and dug in deeper to find its creative team and other similar work.
  4. Opening Title Sequence for “Halt And Catch Fire”
    We enjoyed how every detail of the AMC show’s opener worked for setting the look and feel. An analysis of the work was also featured over at Art of the Title.
  5. “When you create social media accounts or a website for a film, is it bad PR to just stop updating it after all releases are done? Or should you delete ’em altogether?”
    We enjoyed Luke Winkie’s article at The Daily Dot, citing films that flop at the box office. This one came from us from Chris Thilk of Movie Marketing Madness.
  6. Design in Mind: 5 Steps for Telling A Design Story
    Our guest post by Andrew Linderman framed up how to talk about your work effectively without falling back on visual aids.
  7. “We don’t ask for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.”
    We stood behind at least one thing Taylor Swift did — her stance with Apple Music’s initial payment plan for artists, which were even more pitiful for smaller artists.
  8. Motion Poster for “The Forest”
    We shared one of the marketing pieces made for Jason Zada’s upcoming film “The Forest.” We also enjoyed the film’s microsite at thesuicideforest.com.
  9. Tips for Your Crowdfunding Video
    We looked at six easy ways to make your crowdfunding video a slam dunk. This post was especially helpful for filmmakers who have been stuck figuring out how to get started with structure and content for a pitch video.
  10. The New Online Indie Frontier
    We interviewed Vivienne Medrano, who has been producing high-quality independent animated works and distributing them directly to her audience online.

Got a favorite that’s not here? Browse the archive and comment below.

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