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[Tenacity] “Ellis,” JR’s Short Film / November 30, 2015

In between doing oversized black-and-white paste-ups in cities around the world or collaborating with filmmakers Agnes Varda and Darren Aronofsky, self-described “pervasive” artist JR (a pseudonym, in case you’re wondering) directed a short film with Robert De Niro at Ellis Island. “Ellis” is an immigration-centric short film whose voice-over driven narrative touches upon the hyper-relevant […]


[Tenacity] Inspiration from Casey Neistat, Seth Godin, and Iron Maiden / December 27, 2013

Filmmaker Casey Neistat — known now for taking a brand’s ad budget and making an untraditional video for social change — is behind 20th Century Fox’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” so-called promo-turned-doc, “what would you do with $25,000.” Following an impromptu effort to help after the recent typhoon disaster in Southeast Asia, the video-turned-viral does […]


[Tenacity] 1 Second Everyday: Video, TED Talk, App? / December 18, 2012

Cesar Kuriyama started out with an idea to archive his life. No 24/7 video feed, no Facebook posts, and no edited reality TV pilot. He simply shot, cut, and uploaded a seemingly random montage of his life, using one second to represent one day for over a year. [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/37792362[/vimeo] Just uploaded nine months ago, his […]


[Tenacity] 5 Second Films Hour, Hitchcock Timelapse, Battle Lizard Crowdfunding / April 10, 2012

5 Second Films will be screening an hour of their shorts at Mohawk Bend tonight in Los Angeles, along with a prequel and sequel screening with the sound off — come by to watch dozens back-to-back, meet their crew, and also some of the FWD:labs collective; the same event is also April 17 and 24 […]


[Tenacity] “Inside Out,” JR’s Global Art Project / March 4, 2011

From artist Ronald Chase: JR is one of the most original artists of our decade, and it’s an art you should be aware of. There is an article about him in this week’s New Yorker, if you want to explore it more. But this film shows why he won the TED prize ($100,000 to create […]


[Tenacity] “Children of Invention” / March 15, 2010

“Children of Invention,” screening this week in Los Angeles and New York, is a product of a 10-month hustle from first draft to its 2009 premiere at Sundance. Writer-director Tze Chun, who did eleven no-budget shorts before having a short at Sundance two years prior, made all the right moves before going into Park City […]


[Tenacity] “Slumdog Millionaire” / November 9, 2008

John Horn’s article in today’s Los Angeles Times on various challenges that faced director Danny Boyle, whose new film comes out in limited release on November 12th: Some directors would have moved on and made do with what they had in the can. Others might have scouted another location. A few might have called up […]


[Tenacity] “The Lazarus Effect” / July 12, 2007



[Tenacity] “Ever Since the World Ended” / January 4, 2007

Sir Winston Churchill once wrote that “a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Filmmakers Joshua Atesh Litle and Calum Grant didn’t give up for the last six years it took to get distribution. Their post-apocalyptic documentary screens in New York City next week, January 10th thru […]

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