[Tenacity] 5 Second Films Hour, Hitchcock Timelapse, Battle Lizard Crowdfunding

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Part of a series of posts about active artists with the tenacity to take their project to completion.
  • Photo by 5SF 5 Second Films will be screening an hour of their shorts at Mohawk Bend tonight in Los Angeles, along with a prequel and sequel screening with the sound off — come by to watch dozens back-to-back, meet their crew, and also some of the FWD:labs collective; the same event is also April 17 and 24
  • “Rear Window” Timelapse re-imagines the original footage into a giant re-positioned frame, from a film shot almost entirely from the same vantage point (via screenwriter Eric Szyszka)
  • “Battle Lizard” is a new short film coming soon from Keegan Wilcox that has successfully used a fast-paced fundraising video to help crowdfund via Kickstarter, which affords them post-production visual effects


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