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[Dailies] No To Spec, Where To Convert, Create More Content / October 31, 2017

Creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo penned an article two years ago that’s still very relevant: “Say No To Spec.” In an industry filled with favors and freebies, it’s a good reminder to weigh the merits of doing work for free: As we showed in our recent video featuring real people being asked to do spec, […]


[Dailies] Marketing Checklist for Side Projects, Copyright Law For Artists, Design System for Websites / August 30, 2017

Side projects often succeed when treated like real work. When you’re not doing it all the time, Side Project Checklist is a handy site that has things like a marketing checklist, perfect for covering the basics. They also have some other lists like e-mail marketing tools to remind you that you’ve got options. The author […]


[Dailies] Pandora, Smashing Magazine, Milwaukee Ballet / May 31, 2017

Music video director Michel Gondry helmed this month’s album cover ad for Pandora, marking their start to a #SoundsLikeYou campaign. Partizan did the production. It’s a great example at keeping your attention in little vignettes: what album cover is next and how’s the person going to run through it. Funny too how online now we […]


[Dailies] Boxes, Shortcuts, and Budgets / January 31, 2017

In a world where there’s a lot of prejudice and judgment, TV 2 in Denmark did a promo that takes a look at how easily we put people in boxes. It opens with groups of people organized by looks. It continues by moving people around based on prompts of similar backstories, like they’re step-parents or […]


[Dailies] Robert Richardson, David Bowie, and Ed Ruscha / September 30, 2016

Robert Richardson From his interview with The Talks: “I try to bend and be a chameleon towards what the director is looking for. I think equipment is vital for all filmmakers. All filmmakers should have the opportunity to use film, whether that’s Super 8, 16, 35, or 65, or to use small cameras such as […]


[Dailies] Mill’s Blackbird, Rally’s Parks App, Codrops’ Collective / June 30, 2016

Visual effects shop The Mill worked with JemFX, Performance Filmworks and Keslow Camera to create a car rig called Blackbird for photoreal CG cars. Why shoot one car at a time, or be limited to one car in a shot, when you can more easily combine practical and digital effects into the same workflow. Lots […]


[Dailies] Buscemi’s Background Video, NAPCAN’s Children Video, Mike Alger’s VR UI/UX Video / April 30, 2016

Shoemaker BUSCEMI recently used part of a commissioned short film as their website’s hero video. It’s provocative to barely show your product, yet push the envelope with a captivating intro that complements your brand. The video was directed by Taylor Twist, featured world champion fencer Miles Chamley-Watson, and was edited by Daniel de Winter. “Children […]


[Dailies] Star Wars’ Effects, PewDiePie’s Niche, Snapchat’s Verticality / January 31, 2016

The most recent “Star Wars” film, “The Force Awakens,” made an effort to bring back practical effects alongside cutting-edge visual effects. came across a showreel which shows how BB-8, Maz Kanata, and the Millennium Falcon were crafted together. This is a must-watch for anyone interested in how complex and massive work like this breaks […]


[Dailies] Vertical Video, John Lasseter, Universal Pictures / September 30, 2015

I remember years ago when I started seeing high-end fashion stores with flat screens mounted vertically to better show runway walks and thinking how well that format suits the visual story. Remember when David Lynch came out saying films should not be watched on phones? Later he made a 6-second film for Vine, which is […]


[Dailies] Shudder, True Detective, Split-Depth GIFs / July 31, 2015

Always a fan of film websites that rock the boat. Shudder is one: a paid, online video platform that focuses collections of films into horror-specific genres, like “alien intruders,” “romantic bloodsuckers,” and “zombie jamboree.” The site itself is actually a spin-off of Dramafever, a Korean-based site that focuses on Korean dramas and Latin American telenovelas […]


[Dailies] The Wire’s Reframe, YouTube’s Vine, Sony’s “Interview” / December 26, 2014

There’s a new debate about re-framing cinematography in post-production years later, not the way it was ever meant to be seen, but because it was captured in a way that now fit our 16:9 televisions and phones. David Simon, who created the show “The Wire,” has his critique of the re-alignment effort with videos comparing […]


[Dailies] Terry Gilliam on Directors, “The Guest” on Soundtracks, Designers on Client Presentations / October 27, 2014

Back in 2011, Terry Gilliam’s shared ten lessons for directors — given to a Master Class to Moroccan film students — which was re-printed in Filmmaker Magazine. Tips include anecdotes like “surround yourself with improvisers” and “all you’ve really got in life is story.” Feature filmmakers behind “The Guest” decided to give away their soundtrack […]

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