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The FWD:labs Salon is for makers, do-ers, filmmakers, photographers, designers, creative directors, strategists, producers, web designers, brand consultants, social media marketers, entrepreneurs, small biz owners, and all aspiring to become masters of industry. They are free to attend, we try to do them monthly, and we have been hosting them since 2008.

Salon PhotoSalon PhotoSalon Photo

Photos from one of our many FWD:labs Salon events.

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Building Stories with Sound
Guest talk by Alex Reeves of Point of Blue Studios
FWD:labs Salon #82

The Art of Conversation: Small Talk and Big Deals
Guest talk by storytelling consultant Andrew Linderman
FWD:labs Salon #80

Why I Design With A Story In Mind
Guest talk by creative director Joseph Gilbert
FWD:labs Salon #79

Web Design Accessibility, Performance and Aesthetics
Guest talk by designer | developer Scott Gruber
FWD:labs Salon #78

Finance Hacks for Freelancers
Guest talk by personal finance writer Jackie Lam
FWD:labs Salon #76

Producing a Non-Union Commercial
Guest talk by producer Brooke Dooley
FWD:labs Salon #75

Essential Elements of Story
Guest talk by writer Hunter Phillips
FWD:labs Salon #74

Salon Experiences

"Thank you FWD:labs! So much great information for industry people (of all career choices) who want to walk the walk, rather than just talking the talk! Thoroughly enjoyed hearing Eric Satterberg speak this evening. A wealth of information and advice. Check out FWD:labs for future events!"
"It's difficult to describe these types of gatherings to the uninitiated because there free form nature allows them to morph. I had a great time on Saturday in spite of (or because of) I didn't know most of the guys there. The topics I personally discussed ranged from the techniques of photographing fight scenes to critiques of Hayao Miyazaki's work to the very nature of objective reality; good stuff!"
Location Sound
"Really enjoyed this Salon event and learned a lot!"
"The cocktail salon went super well. I ended up leaving at 10:30, but the conversations were just really involved. I think some connections have been made between people."
"Dude, that salon was awesome!! I'm so stoked how impressive it was. Thanks again for hosting!"
Motion Graphics Designer
"This meetup exceeded my expectations. I'm not just saying that. Tim is very resourceful and an expert in his field. I can't wait for the next one!"
"The event was a very cool way to meet up with creative people from a variety of backgrounds. A refreshing way to meet people."
"These salons are blowing up!! Great job, can't wait for the next one."

Salon PhotoSalon PhotoSalon Photo

More photos from one of our many FWD:labs Salon events.

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