Parallel Filmmaking: 5 Visions, 1 Script

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The Gift by Carl Eric Rinsch

Philips TV partnered with Ridley Scott Associates (RSA Films) to make five films for their Parallel Lines project, which promotes their 21:9 aspect ratio television.

  • “The Hunt” by Jake Scott
    Watch on YouTube
  • “Darkroom” by Johnny Hardstaff
    Watch on YouTube
  • “The Gift” by Carl Eric Rinsch
    Watch on YouTube or below
  • “El Secreto de Mateo” by Greg Fay
    Watch on YouTube
  • “Jun and the Hidden Skies” by Hi-Sim (Chris Hawkes and Cheun Hung Tsang)
    Watch on YouTube

45 RSA directors submitted treatments. Five were chosen. Each uses the same lines of dialogue:

What is that?
It’s a unicorn.
Never seen one up close before.
Get away, get away.
I’m sorry.

You can watch each full screen at philips.com/cinema and a customized YouTube channel page, each which uses the Ambilight effect that Philips offers with this line of television.


This is part of a campaign from DDB London / Tribal DDB Amsterdam. They’re also hosting a competition to “tell it your way” using the same dialogue, using YouTube as a submission platform. Behind the scenes content is hosted on Facebook.

This is a follow-up to Philips’ 2009 project with director Adam Berg and Tribal DDB / Stink Digital called “Carousel,” which we covered in “Breaking New Boundaries with Cinematic Ads.”


Aaron Proctor
Founder, FWD:labs
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