User-Generated Spots for Super Tuesday, not Super Bowl

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viral-political_dipdive.jpgPolitical ads, made independently by supporters and detractors alike, are abundant in the run-up to inform and engage before the upcoming Super Tuesday. Such user-generated content (UGC) is popular this year, unlike tomorrow’s Super Bowl commercials, where UGC is passe after an abundance in 2007. Also, many feature original songs.

Below you’ll find at most two videos for each candidate still in the primary race, with “pro” videos where available.

(Please comment on the use of user-generated campaign videos, not on personal political opinions. Updated 2/16.)




Pro: “Mr. Dippy – Yes We Can” (official site, dir. Jesse Dylan, prod. Will.I.Am, feat. Scarlett Johansson, John Legend, Herbie Hancock, Kate Walsh, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Adam Rodriquez, Kelly Hu, Adam Rodriquez, Amber Valetta and Nick Cannon)

Pro: “Obama Girl” (dir. Ben Relles, feat. Amber Lee Ettinger)



Pro: “Hot4Hill” (dir. David Garrett and Matt Oates, feat. Taryn Southern)

Anti: “Vote Different.” (dir. Philip de Vellis — a mash-up of “1984,” dir. Ridley Scott)

Pro: “The Word: Mike Gravel”



Parody: “McCain Mama” (dir. CNN’s Headline News with Glenn Beck)


Pro: “Mitt’s Our Man!” (dir./feat. Melissa JoAnn Spiegel and Ashton Brittney Schmidt)


Parody: “Huck Really Matters”


Pro: “Ron Paul Is” (dir. Adam Franklin)

Pro: “Ron Paul Brickfilm”


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Though the first video was good, I’m personally a fan of parody…

Fad #

[…] Fast Forward – FWD:labs wrote an interesting post today on User-Generated Spots for Super Tuesday, not Super BowlHere’s a quick excerptPro: “Ron Paul Isâ€? (dir. Adam Franklin) http://www. youtube…. […]

Ron Paul » User-Generated Spots for Super Tuesday, not Super Bowl #

I love this video. Great that this country is waking up and realizing some things matter more than sports.

Eric #

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User-Generated Spots for Super Tuesday, not Super Bowl | Scarlett Johansson Celebrity News #

Fad, thanks for the link!

More viral videos since this was originally posted, including:

For John McCain, a negative video called “Yes He Can:”

For Hillary Clinton, a positive video called “Hillary4U&Me:”

proctor #

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