[Tips] DSLR workflows, Alexa vs. RED, iPhone editing, tough mattebox, shippable drive

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  • How can your DSLR shoots flow a little more like film? Shane Hurlbut, ASC and B&H Photo teamed up to create HDSLR Hub, featuring episodes ranging from workflows to kits.
  • Comparing cameras and glass? Arri Alexa vs. RED1 MX and Zeiss SLR vs. Zeiss Cine
  • Need to edit on your iPhone? Vimeo just released their app. While you’re at it, check out our resource of all kinds of apps for cinema artists, including the few increasingly-popular Android applications.
  • Want a mattebox that won’t fall apart on the job? The OConnor O-Box can take a beating, with or without grips.
  • Constantly shipping hard drives? One small, popular drive to use is the LaCie Rugged; it’s just under $200 for 1tb.

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