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  • Shooting a DSLR in an remote-controlled helicopter? Aside from the grippage and camera support, the smaller the CMOS sensor, the better. One case where a Canon 7D trumps 5D. It also helps with the weight issue. (via D.I.T. CJ Roy)
  • Mixing framerates? Conform the minority framerate using Cinema Tools and you’re good to go. (via broadcast creative Jeremy Troy)
  • Ever dealing with a mess of a codec called AVCHD? Use Handbrake to get it into shape, be it M4V or other.
  • Who designs ICG Magazine? Wes Driver, their art director, does consistently fantastic work. I wish American Cinematographer followed suit. (See page layout above.)
  • Shooting in, say, a Ferrari 911? Use some modern technology: ARRI PAX and Rosco LitePad. “Rosco on the ceiling of the car for fill and PAX for your key off center front 3/4.” (via gaffer Jeff Stewart)
  • Power outage in your kitchen? No problem. 25ft stinger to a lunchbox for the fridge, toaster, etc. and I’m good to go ’til handyman sets circuit.
  • Formatting your new 1tb external hard drive from NTFS to Mac OS Extended? In Leopard, select Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility > select the drive > select Partion > Select 1 partition and Mac OS Extended (for non-booting storage of media) (via editor Ken Stone)

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