Ticket to the big time

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In the article “How to Build a Director”, Creativity Magazine rounds up 14 executive producers and directors from the likes of Anonymous Content, HSI, Hungry Man, O Positive, Prettybird, @radical.media, RSA Films, and Station Film.

Asked about the thought patterns of directors that make it with a ticket to the big time, Frank Scherma, president of @radical.media, cuts to the chase. Don’t be an asshole:

“I look for people who are passionate about what they do, for directors who are conceptual and are forward thinkers—they know a good idea and they know how to make any idea better. [They have] strong opinions about how they want to do it and enough common sense to understand how to collaborate. The day of the asshole is gone.”


Aaron Proctor
Founder, FWD:labs
Director of Photography site

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