The Social Video Networks You Need to Know

social-video.jpgAs a creative, you care about control and trust. In the frenzy of build-ups and buy-outs in social video networking, there’s a lot of competition, compensation and communities vying for your best work. Building a relationship with an online service may take some informed schooling. I get asked all the time, “Which online networks put ads on my work?” “What’s the alphabet soup?” “Who’s neck-and-neck in popularity with YouTube?

Now you can find out in one place, in our newly re-aligned exclusive resource at FWD:labs, “Social Video Networks.”

This collaborative resource began in March 2007 as a step-by-step guide for getting your films online. But that wasn’t enough. It needed to be a real utility, sortable for your needs, freshened up to do justice to the movers and shakers out there. And now it is: our “museum” of social video networks is open. Additions and edits to the data are in your hands; ideas for searching, comparing or sharing the data are also encouraged.

In November 2005, Techcrunch compared the “Flickrs of video,” where Michael Arrington geared them for his Web 2.0 audiences. Our resource is appropriately suited for our audience: active participants in cinema, creatively and/or financially interested in the future utility of online video.


Aaron Proctor
Founder, FWD:labs
Director of Photography site


this is awesome!

willo #

Willo, very glad to provide an useful resource — like finding out blip.tv was a good bet for your next project — and thanks for sharing it around your Twitter, Facebook and site! :-)

proctor #

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