Vimeo, underdog video network, leads the pack


  1. For taking on 1280×720 HD ahead of other social video networks and for reminding people about good video quality (as of this last week *)
  2. For blogging about the benefits and advantages when introducing new features, voiced best on their Staff blog and for not stopping there, shown — not just told — in quick-and-dirty videos
  3. For leading an already vibrant, friendly community with two community directors (“Hi, I’m dalas, and I want to make sure that you have a lot of fun here on Vimeo!” … “What dalas said. Use us!”) and for encouraging usage of the site’s less-obvious perks with a social “to-do” list (“Comment on five videos” … “Tag a video that isn’t yours”)
  4. For understanding privacy, like separating personal videos for family/friends from creative ones, and for showing off Activity, like showing what a user likes, tags and comments in real-time
  5. For giving filmmakers peace of mind with Statistics that sort views, likes and comments by day, and for highlighting referrals, which encourages more linking


* Sadly, embedding the higher-grad video, and losing the Canon ad, aren’t yet options.

On a related note, designer Andrew Sloat, whose video was shown at the AIGA Next Conference, chose to put a QuickTime video on his site and share on his Vimeo, too.


Curious about alternatives to YouTube? Compare Vimeo to other social video networks on our resource matrix.


Aaron Proctor
Founder, FWD:labs
Director of Photography site

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