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An integrated campaign stemming broadcast and web, Twinings “Gets You Back To You” utilizes over $7 million to deliver the brand message about how to take 10. According to their press release, which also offers a link to Charlene Soraia’s “Wherever You Will Go” track on iTunes, the campaign is a message of “reconnect(ing) with yourself.”

[UPDATE: Video at no longer available.]

The spot stands out by appearing like a short film, void of the product until the very final frames. It may be no surprise that Psyop, the director/label behind this commercial, also made the Coca-Cola spot, “Happiness Factory.”

Commentary on the spot ranges from applause to jumping-the-shark. In terms of craftsmanship, Stu Maschwitz, a director who commented on the spot on Twitter, notes that “part of what makes this spot so gorgeous is the artistic choice of a low frame rate.” On the flip side, Martin Brinks, a 3D graphic artist, calls it “a pathetic and terrible eyesore” in the comment threads of Motionographer.

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, UK
Executive Creative Director: Paul Brazier
Copywriter: Diane Leaver
Art Director: Simon Rice
Agency Planner: Bridget Angear, Michael Lee
Media Agency: Zenith Optimedia
Media Planner: Lucy Affleck
Production Company: Psyop / Smuggler
Director: Psyop
Psyop Creative Director: Kylie Matulick
Executive Producer: Neysa Horsburgh
Producers: Mark Knockles, Jenn Dewey, Amanda Miller, Hillary Thomas
Associate Producers: Minh Ly, Anu Nagaraj
3D lead: Kyle Cassidy
Animation Lead: Dan Vislocky
Compositing Leads: Danny Koenig, Julie Lenoble
Compositor: Cris Kong
Storyboards: Vinny Dellay, Josh Weisenfeld
Storyboard colorist: Danelle Davenport
Editorial: Brett Nicolletti
Lead Design: Paul Kim
Additional Design: Andrew Park, Georgia Tribuiani, Kenesha Sneed
Modeling and Texturing: Rie Ito, Ibtisam Ahmed
Rigging: Sean Kealey
Pre-Vis Animation: Blake Guest, Dan Vislocky
Animators: Dan Vislocky, Minor Gaytan, Chris Meek, Jacob Frey, Sashdy Arvelo, Yvain Gnabro, Todd Akita
3D: Katie Yoon, David Chontos, David Barosin, Barry Kriegshauser, Hao Cui, Roman Kaelin, Eric Rosenthal, Andreas Berner
Rotoscoping: Stephen Holbrook
Water and particle effects: Kiel Gnebba, Wayne Hollingworth, Brian Alvarez
Cloth Effects: Victor Garza
2D animation: Song Kim, Dylan Spears, Melvina Wong, Kendra Ryan
Audio Post Production: Grand Central
Audio Post Production: Soundtree
Digital Design Company: Grand Union
Song: Wherever You Will Go / Charlene Soraia
PR Agency: Freud Communications


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