Will this change everything?

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“Reverie,” a short film by Explorer of Light/PrintMaster Vincent Laforet, shot on the Canon 5D Mark II’s HD video mode. See a making-of video from Laforet; on his blog, it’s noted he did the short in 72 hours with just the camera, a small budget, and no experience or how-to guide.

“With the Canon 5D’s video acquisition proving extremely impressive and with RED apparently unleashing something that will trump it in every way in little over a week I’m very excited about the potential for cost-effective but extremely high-quality digital cinema in the coming decade. Of course shooting on 35mm or IMAX is still the holy grail for most filmmakers but you have to admit the quality of the above video is pretty stunning!” — Jaraad Virani, director


Aaron Proctor
Founder, FWD:labs
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