FWDlabs.com User Survey Results

We recently conducted a survey with users of FWDlabs.com and thought you might like to hear what we found out.

Many of our users say they’re action-oriented creatives, hardworking and excited about their upcoming features and collaborations. They love that FWD:labs helps with networking, builds community, is “powered by creative energy,” and they also like our design and ease of use.

What didn’t they like so much? Our users are concerned about online identity, technical support, and basic self-promotion. They want FWD:labs to be more distinct from its competition. They’re looking for features to customize further, to collaborate with testimonials and jobs, and they’d get behind upgrades to the speed and simplicity of the service.

So here’s what we’re doing:

  • Currently Available:
    • Our latest features allow for quick and pro customization, for free and for hire respectively
    • We continue to be a real community, with meet-ups all over the city, not just online
    • FWD:labs pro accounts allow for more pages, which can include testimonials
    • Adding a News blog to your profile is now easier than ever to setup
    • PDF uploads per project are now supported — great for all the writers in the house
    • RSS feeds for everyone and every project
  • Currently in Beta:
    • Projects will soon allow for job listings
    • Our new Jobs Board is in beta, which users can begin testing
    • Embedding video from YouTube and Vimeo, plus control over your own Amazon S3 buckets, are in beta
    • Control the basic design of your profile is now in beta, with pro account features to control the CSS, JavaScript and other UI
    • Behind-the-Scenes and Contact pages will soon be available for all project sites

We’re smoothing out the kinks and clutter on a regular basis, sharing new features and bug fixes with our members, and we’re also speeding up cleaner code and dedicated servers. Hope you like the improvements. Tell us what you think.


Aaron Proctor
Founder, FWD:labs
Director of Photography site

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