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This Valentine’s Day weekend especially, hundreds of tweets were posted about “Coraline.” These text messages via Twitter say a lot with a little about the biggest little film in theaters.

Neil Gaiman, author of Coraline, is on there:

  • Interviews over. Getting ready to leave for CORALINE screening. Irish journalists remain my favourites in the world: actual conversations. — neilhimself, 2/15 tweet

Comedian Demetri Martin chimed in:

  • Flashmob at Arclight for 3D Coraline? Bring buttons for your eyes. Black is traditional. — DemetriMartin, 2/12 tweet

Jon Hodgman, actor, also uses Twitter. One of the tweets at Hodgman:

  • @hodgman have you seen it yet? The bloke playing the father is really good. You should check it out. — neilhimself, 2/8 tweet

Little details that often chime up on Twitter:

  • tinycoincidence dept — noticed this evening that I signed the CORALINE movie contract on Feb 7 2001 – 8 yrs to the day before it came out. — neilhimself, 2/8 tweet

Coraline opened on the 6th:

  • Good morning world. Um, if you don’t have plans today there’s a film called CORALINE you should check out, trust me on this. — neilhimself, 2/6 tweet
  • Now consider a second (or first) ticket. I get no extra $ from your ticket. But it sends a message that America is hungry for Gaiman/Selick — hodgman, 2/6 tweet

See NotCot and Super Punch for pictures of most of the boxes.

Originally, part of the marketing of the film was to send 50 hand-crafted boxes to 50 craft-savvy and film-friendly bloggers. Each mystery box also had a clue to access Coraline.com, which at the time needed a password to access. (They ended up being stopmotion, buttoneyes, puppetlove, armpithair, moustachio, and sweaterxxs.)

And today marked the last day of the 3-week exhibit at San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum, which featured nearly 80 props created by over 300 artists:

  • At the cinema and the Cartoon Art Museum for an awesome day of Coraline. The craftsmanship is truly inspiring- great fodder for kinetic art! — mprados, 2/15 tweet
  • Finally released into the YouTube HD wild — the Koumpounophobia Trailer (the one with me talking about buttons) http://bit.ly/msLe — neilhimself, 1/29 tweet

The film’s official YouTube channel has all of the making-of videos including “Meet the Cast,” “Biggest Smallest Movie” and “Miniature Knitter.” You can watch “Koumpounophobia,” below:


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Those celebs should sell their tweets, no free ads!

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