Essential Elements of Story

This talk with writer Hunter Phillips (The Write Script Tutor) took place at FWD:labs Salon #74 on April 13, 2018 at Kleverdog Coworking in Los Angeles, California.

Hunter has worked internationally as a writer, with NBC Universal’s International Formats, has produced award-winning web series/independent content and pitched and sold a one-hour, historical drama series in 2017. Hunter’s novel, Animalgeddon, a middle-grade, sci-fi adventure, was published by Fernweh books in 2016. Most recently Hunter co-executive produced The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?, a mockumentary digital series centering on the cast of the cult film, The Room. The Room Actors series partnered with for release in Nov. 2017 and will be airing on the FunnyorDie Amazon channel. Hunter’s company, The Write Script Tutor, provides a personalized approach to both learning the art of screenwriting and the development process. Hunter works with beginners and advanced professionals alike, offering introductory education, script analysis and comprehensive development consultation.


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