David Lynch’s 55-second Lumiere

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When film reached it’s 100th anniversary in the late 1990’s, a Frenchman who had an original Lumiere Brothers camera had an idea to involve 40 filmmakers from all around the world in a creative collaboration. But they were given the hand-cranked wooden camera to shoot within certain restrictions:

  • 55 seconds of single-sprocket, acetate 35mm film
  • 3 takes
  • Natural light
  • Non-sync sound
  • Cannot stop the hand-crank camera

Famed writer/director/producer of television (“Twin Peaks”) and film (“Mulholland Dr.,” “Lost Highway,” “Eraserhead”), David Lynch, came up with this short [NSFW]:


His commentary is also available to watch:


The end result was a feature film called “Lumiere & Company,” released in 1995. It’s also available on the DVD, “The Short Films of David Lynch.” For comparison, check out some of the first films from 1895 by the Lumieres:


(Thanks to screenwriter Eric Szyszka and the Girl Friday blog for the tip.)


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