[Dailies] Videos for FF Chartwell, Google Analytics, Instacube

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Instant Infographics


FF Chartwell is a new typeface from FontShop International that can convert into several flavors of pie charts in seconds. More flattering and versatile than the Microsoft Office equivalent, clean infographics are not only popular but also highly effective at communicating data sets. Each of seven weights are $25 each, a bargain for professional typefaces. Related, Information is Beautiful shortlisted the tool in their awards this year.

(via Michael Zick Doherty)

Clutter-free Checkout

Google Analytics in Real Life is a long-form ad made for Google.

The spot appears to emulate the viral videos like “Facebook in real life” from years past.

(via Jeffrey Zeldman)

Phantom Photography

Instacube is a self-described “incubated venture” from D2M | Design to Matter, which — only if it surpasses 100% funding on Kickstarter — would wirelessly bring Instagram-tagged content to a little square screen. (The crowd-funding raised 30% of it’s $250k goal in the first day.) Similar in form to digital picture frames, what’s unique about this yet-to-be-made product is a tailored, digitally-organized feed that recognizes your account and social hashtags. While requiring a wi-fi network may be a strict requirement for a likely-to-be-$150 digital picture frame, the demonstrated uses for social gatherings and loved ones abroad both look charming.

As an aside, how soon to bring something else to market like this — or jailbreak it — without the requirement of Instagram and it’s filtered world?

(via 4by6)


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