[Dailies] Video vs. Web, Process vs. Production, NetFlix vs. Customers

Part of a series of posts about great film, web, or design artists and their work abuzz online and in-person.
  • The latest JW Player demonstrates how video can sync with social media via JavaScript queries based on its timecode and metadata. Alternatively, Popcorn.js is an HTML5 framework by Mozilla (makers of the Firefox browser) for better integrating the web with video. (We proudly use JW Player, in addition to Quicktime, in the FWD:labs web app.)
  • John Pavlus at Fast Company interviews the cinemagraph duo — Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg — on their beer project, which illustrates “process value vs. production value.” (Pavlus also elaborates more on his idea of process value, “This is How We Do It” and “Process Value and Physical Explainers.”) Check out the finished cinemagraph work for Dogfish Beer.
  • Computer scientist and writer, Dan Farfan, writes on Quora about “how Netflix missed a chance to address [(the issue that) streaming content is only 25% of the entire catalog] at the same time it changed prices. If Netflix can give users a voice in what can be streamed, that will go a long way.” (via adage.com) Farfan recommends a voting system to improve what content streams, which is both valuable to customer satisfaction and business with film owners.


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