[Dailies] “Video Game High School,” “French 5,” “Comedy Bang Bang”

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  • The Danger Brain designed an extensive graphic identity for the Freddie Wong web series, “Video Game High School,” which coincidentally was post-mixed by Point of Blue Studios and stars Brian Firenzi from 5secondfilms
  • Les Telecreateurs Design did twenty-five rebranding spots called “Let X Equal X” for French 5 television, directed by duo Alphabetical Order® and from branding agency Les Télécréateurs; you can download seven at the production company’s site, Aspekt
  • “Comedy Bang Bang!,” the audio podcast from writer Scott Aukerman (of HBO’s “Mr. Show” fame), is now being developed as a TV show for IFC, says AV Club


Aaron Proctor
Founder, FWD:labs
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