[Dailies] “Unconscious Mind,” “Mad Men,” “For Your Consideration,” “Lucky Elephant”

Part of a series of posts about great film, web, or design artists and their work abuzz online and in-person.

  • “How the Unconscious Mind Boosts Creative Output” (Miller McCune’s Tom Jacobs) “A study … finds allowing ideas to incubate in the back of the mind is, in a narrow sense, overrated. People who let their unconscious minds take a crack at a problem were no more adept at coming up with innovative solutions than those who consciously deliberated over the dilemma.” (via Wired and director Jaraad Virani)
  • “9/11 and The Fall of ‘Mad Men'” (Imprint’s Michael Dooley) “This 9/11 connection hasn’t been a big secret. On the other hand, it hasn’t really been very widely acknowledged… until now. Imaginary Forces’ rich, subtle, and iconic motion graphic had left much to our imaginations. But the poster leaves us with practically nothing, both literally and figuratively. Layers of subtext are lost, and less is… less.” Also check out Art of the Title’s interview with Imaginary Forces. (via Salon and Imaginary Forces)
  • “For Your Consideration” (Tumblr) “What began as a joke on [Facebook] with April turned into me making some For Your Consideration posters. Because Oscar season is nigh and I think it’s time Channing Tatum gets the recognition he deserves.” (via Evil Media Empire)
  • “Lucky Elephant – Edgar” “To create the scene of the journey up into the stars, [director] James [Trosh] built a Helium Balloon which would carry his robot into the stars. Laden with a whole bunch of technology which allowed him to track its progress via GPS and locate the tin explorer when it landed. Most importantly though was the filming of Edgar’s flight, which James and his team managed by rigging up a GoPro HD Hero, with external power pack and sizeable SD card. … More recently, Jame’s footage has been picked up by GoPro themselves and has been used in a whole bunch of advertising, including its very own 30sec TV commercial airing on national TV.” (via The Mill, the visual effects shop who also makes the free iPhone app, Mill Color)


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