[Dailies] Terry Gilliam on Directors, “The Guest” on Soundtracks, Designers on Client Presentations

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Terry Gilliam on the set of "The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus."

Terry Gilliam on the set of “The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.”

  • Back in 2011, Terry Gilliam’s shared ten lessons for directors — given to a Master Class to Moroccan film students — which was re-printed in Filmmaker Magazine. Tips include anecdotes like “surround yourself with improvisers” and “all you’ve really got in life is story.”
  • Feature filmmakers behind “The Guest” decided to give away their soundtrack for free. According to a promotion on their Tumblr, by hashtagging their film with a photo of your ticket stub, you could get the digital download. The effort engaged early fans well enough that they extended the promotion for longer than planned.
  • Mike Monteiro (Design Director of Mule Design Studio) recently wrote 13 tips for designers to not screw up client presentations, which can easily apply to anyone in work-for-hire professions, like “[don’t] talk about how hard you worked” and “[don’t] ask ‘do you like it?'”


Aaron Proctor
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Impressive article by Monteiro. I like his tips for designers — applicable to those who must speak in public – with conviction – or be ignored.

Important point: be a scientist when you work, and a snake charmer when you present.

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