[Dailies] Pixar’s Rules, Open Source’s LED, Samsung’s Head Tracking, 35mm’s Premature Burial

Part of a series of posts about great film, web, or design artists and their work abuzz online and in-person.


  • “Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling” by Emma Coates, Pixar’s Story Artist (via Aerogramme Studio)
    “#6. What is your character good at, comfortable with? Throw the polar opposite at them. Challenge them. How do they deal?”
  • Open Source Ultra Bright LED Light Pad with Wi-Fi (via Kickstarter, funded)
    “With the Lumapad’s open-source design, you can write custom software to generate many different effects. Fire, lighting or a strobe light are just a few of the visual effects that come to mind.”
  • “Head-tracking” Mobile Phone by Jakob Nielsen, Nielsen Norman Group
    “The new Samsung Galaxy S 4 includes a ‘head-tracking’ feature that will pause videos when users turn away from the phone. It’s also possible to use tilt gestures for scrolling as long as the camera senses that the user is looking at the phone. (So it won’t scroll if you move the phone while looking away.)”
  • “Premature Burial for 35mm Film” by Leonard Maltin (via Indiewire)
    “This is the eternal tug-of-war between art and commerce, and it isn’t hard to guess which side will ultimately win. But it’s encouraging to know that some people are still fighting the good fight.”


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[Dailies] Pixar’s Rules, Open Sources’ LED, Samsung’s Head Tracking, 35mm’s Premature Burial http://t.co/gSQw4j0uLL

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