[Dailies] Blockbusting, 3D Cameras, and Time Travel

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Mapping time travel

Lucas Looks Back On Movie-Making
From a recent interview on NPR’s Fresh Air: “‘We loved movies, we loved making movies, and we cooperated with each other and were helping each other,’ Lucas says. ‘We were like, you know, rebels trying to work our way in somehow.'” Read the transcript, download the MP3, or listen on their site player.

DXG readies first 3D camcorder
“Believe it or not, that $400 isn’t just for the camera. You also get a 7-inch digital video viewer. The 3D in both the camcorder’s 3-inch 3D LCD viewfinder LCD and the frame look almost holographic.” As CES, the company promised an SD version under $200. However, in a comment on CNET.com by a 3D content provider, Simon Sieverts, “all these fixed inter-axial cameras are ultimately going to be a disappointment for their owners because the distance between the lenses should reflect the distance between the camera, the subject and the background.”

Time travel in popular films
Information Is Beautiful hosts a visualization from David McCandless, Dominic Busby, and Alice Cho, which was just published in the book, The Visual Miscellaneum. Also check out the blog post by McCandless about the process.


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