[Dailies] Fantastic Fox, David Lynch, NBC, Rian Johnson

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

MakingOf.com has a behind-the-scenes featurette about “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and the technology for handling 20tb of data and streaming the shot to the director, who was overseeing part of the shoot from Paris and London.

(via producer Brooke Dooley)

FORA.tv has an interview with David Lynch and why he turned down “Return of the Jedi,” recorded from a conversation at The Hudson Union Society.

(via Digg)

Part of Capacity's case study

Part of NBC’s fall campaign for “more colorful” programming included new branding work by Capacity, who posted a case study.

(via Computerlove – Contemporary Creative Culture)

“Brick” filmmaker Rian Johnson made “Evil Demon Golfball from Hell” as a student. He used a small prop and ran with it, making something out of nothing.

(via screenwriter Eric Szyszka)


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