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27 days in the right direction. November 1st marked the first step ahead for FWDlabs.com.

What began as a limited collective has now been opened up as a private beta web app — a set of tools for film, web, and design artists working in cinema to spotlight, organize, promote, and produce their best personal and professional work. For now, and possibly for good, it is an invite-only network.

It’s taken a year and a half to amalgamate the vision, business plan, technology, and goals, with the original idea stemming back to 2002. Now it’s on fast forward. It’s finally tapping into the root passion for getting a new kind of artist collective out there — directed and motivated yet flexible and scalable — and getting real.

Next up: rolling out project-based uploads for free accounts and continuing posts on the development, decisions, and ideas about the progress of FWD:labs.


Aaron Proctor
Founder, FWD:labs
Director of Photography site

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