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About the Event

Lucia Comnes "How The Moon Made Me" @ Premiere Date

Ninth Street Independent Film Center
145 9th Street
San Francisco, CA
United States

Event Description

This is the first public screening of Lucia\'s new music video \'How The Moon Made Me\' and the first time any of her films have been projected on the big screen. The evening will include:

  • the premiere of Lucia’s new music video ‘How The Moon Made Me’
  • screenings of her previous music videos ‘Potpourri’ and ‘ Cable Car’ on the big screen for the first time
  • a solo live performance of select original songs
  • an interactive discussion on the creative process of bringing visions to life, songwriting, filmmaking, directing and producing
  • light refreshments and drinks

All ages welcome. Donations gladly accepted.

Event Updated
over 10 years ago
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