Not Just For Boys

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Photo by Barbara L. Salisbury for The Washington Times

Girls at a digital media camp. Photo by Barbara L. Salisbury for The Washington Times

In response to The Washington Times article, “Girls encouraged to enter technology field”:

I’ve been a female in in primarily male dominant male industries for almost 10 years now. The only thing I can really say is that the stigma of “boys only” really doesn’t apply anymore.

Male versus female occupations seem like they are becoming a thing of the past these days. Just last week, this sentiment was equally shared at Mole-Richardson on a panel of about 12 — 5 of which were women. One young female student asked, “as a woman, do you find it difficult to find work in a male dominated industry?” Her answer, “5 years ago, I had seen some horrible discrimination on set — these days it almost seems like sometimes you get the job because you are a woman. It can go either way these days.”

These days, our mothers burning their bras did indeed pay off.


Nadia Kovacs
Guest Writer, Filmmaker

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