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[New Feature] How We Added Facebook to Login and Sign Up to FWD:labs / January 31, 2015

FWD:labs is all about going super fast forward through the doldrums and onto your latest and greatest work. Logging in or registering to a site via Facebook is sometimes a love/hate relationship, but we wanted to see if it was a viable option for new users to our site. For a few months now, we’ve […]


[New Feature] PDF Embeds for Writers / September 30, 2011

Today we’re excited to officially release a little new feature on FWD:labs that’s just for screenwriters: PDF embeds. PDF embeds let you share your scripts or treatments right there inline on your site. Your site has always had PDF resume support, but now with PDF uploads for all of your projects your visitors can see […]


[New Feature] Job Board / April 15, 2011

There’s something wrong about the job boards for filmmakers online. Craigslist is fraught with ambiguity, about the job and the job poster. Mandy is walled with sign-ups and fixed resumes. Production Notices is also gated with a fee and reminds me of an free-for-all auction block. The job search at large is insulated between individuals […]


[New Feature] Client Preview / January 11, 2011

Delivering video content to a client always requires sending files and revisions. You export, you transcode, you upload. In the past, filmmakers would struggle with HTML and Quicktime codes, uploading multiple files and eating up the clock just to share a private link to their work online. Lately, filmmakers tend to use Vimeo or other […]


[New Feature] Your Collaborators / February 17, 2008

One of the missions of FWD:labs is to easily expand your network or reconnect with past collaborators. At FWDlabs.com, you can now describe your relationship with other collaborators. Our response to the social graph — the “friending” or “linking” on social and professional networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, respectively — is to cut to the […]


[New Feature] Traffic Report / November 25, 2007

As any kind of artist, you want the general public to experience your best work and, by attribution, have the best impression of your professional ability. When it comes promoting or distributing online, there’s no “A” for effort to just fulfill today’s expectation that you have something up. Online, tracking public behavior is just like […]