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Front-end Design

Front-end Design

  • User interface (UI) with user experience (UX)
  • Wireframe and information architecture
  • Responsive CSS and JavaScript
  • HTML5, CSS, and jQuery
  • Video: explainer, background, and pre-roll
Back-end Development

Back-end Development

  • Full stack Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • WordPress themes, plugins, and optimization
  • Supervised hosting, admin, and security
  • Twitter, Google Analytics, and other APIs
Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

  • Copywriting and e-mail marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media posts and ads
  • Data analysis, traffic reports, and analytics
  • Usability, speed, and accessibility testing

We also know and often use the following third-party services.

Amazon Web Services

Our Work

We are truly a one-stop shop with a very comprehensive set of skills
While others may only specialize in one area of work, we are able to see your project through from start to finish

From web design and functionality to the words that trigger sales, here is some of our best work

UCLA Center for East-West Medicine

Health and Wellness
UCLA Center for East-West Medicine
Design + Development

Electro Lighting

Rental Company
Electro Lighting
Design + Development + Marketing

Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability

Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability
Design + Development

Chef Adel

Small Business
Chef Adel
Design + Development

XS Camera

Rental Company
XS Camera
Design + Development

Allan Havey

Allan Havey
Design + Development

Stage THIS

Sound Stage
Stage THIS
Design + Development + Marketing

Sci-ARC Viewbook

Higher Ed
Sci-ARC Viewbook
Design + Development

Council of Fashion Designers of Scandinavia

Council of Fashion Designers of Scandinavia
Design + Development

Wolfe Air

Production Company
Wolfe Air
Design + Development

Simon Thirlaway

Simon Thirlaway
Design + Development

Musical Theater Los Angeles

Small Business
Musical Theater Los Angeles

Our Industries

Ready to reach your goals?
Good — that's the #1 quality we look for in all of our clients

Websites for Organizations


Where the mission is critical to success. We're here to help get the word out, foster community growth, and provide message clarity.

Our clients include:
  • Foundations
  • Non-Profits
  • Universities and Higher Ed
  • Health and Wellness
  • Groups and Communities
  • and much more
Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Where brand and product are priority. We're here to help you set goals, stand out from the crowd, and expand your customer base.

Our clients include:
  • Arts Organizations
  • Camera Companies
  • Production Companies
  • Sound Stages
  • Fashion and Theater
  • and much more


Where storytelling and the big picture are paramount. It's not enough to just captivate an audience, we move them to action.

Our clients include:
  • Actors
  • Cinematographers
  • Directors
  • Editors
  • Feature and Short Films
  • and much more

Meet some of our amazing web clients

Stage THIS
Enter Travel
Labor United for Universal Healthcare
Mr. Troy
XS Camera
Wolfe Air

Aaron Proctor is the principal creative at FWD:labs

Below are some quotes from clients and collaborators about his work

Exquisite Design Sensibility and Technical Mind

Susan Landesmann "Aaron is my web guru. I have yet to meet another person who has exquisite design sensibility coupled with a technical mind that can solve every web programming problem. He thinks outside the box and is driven by concept and not just decoration. I think Aaron would be an asset to any undertaking."
Susan Landesmann, Designer

Anybody Looking to make a Difference with Their Communications

Jack Feuer "Aaron is a dynamic 21st Century creative with experience in all forms of digital media, including web design and video. He is innovative, imaginative and eager for collaboration. I worked with him closely to redesign the UCLA web site and on many other projects, and he was always eager to burst out of the box and try something new. But he also knows his digital media blocking and tackling. I recommend this talented young creative to anybody looking to make a difference with their communications, their storytelling or their impact in digital media."
Jack Feuer, Editorial Director

Get Things Done and Done Right

Scott Gruber "Aaron has an ability to combine the best of design, technology and production with great communication skills. It's always a pleasure to work with him on projects -- large and small -- and we continue to work together. I'd recommend him highly to any team that wants to get things done and done right."
Scott Gruber, Design/Dev/Content Strategy

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