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Jeremy Troy

"FWD:labs set me up with a great looking and easy to use site. Being able to upload video or change info easily and instantaneously is key. As soon as I have new work, I can post it immediately. I love having control over my web presence."

Jeremy Troy, Broadcast Creative

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We provide low-maintenance, reliable, and effective sites and services for professionals in the industry of creating visual works


Our members are film makers, web makers, and design makers.

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P. James Keitel Brooke Dooley Max Sokoloff James Clarke Derek Dabkoski Rhett Dunlap Chad Liffmann Mathieu Young Jaraad Virani Whitney Ullom Dee Leitner NK CASTING W. Alex Reeves Jeremy Hill Jaemin Yi Charles Choo Jr. Joe Halstead David Badgerow Mike Weinstein Bri Prooker Geoffrey Pope John Francis Conway Dagmar Weaver-Madsen Mathew Szymanowski Tim Immordino John Francis Conway Florica Vlad Dana Kiley Buchanan Alex O'Flinn Nick Kane James Granger Brian Formo Jessica Carol White Benjamin Martian Aaron Proctor Greg Auerbach

They are actors, camera companies, cinematographers, directors, editors, music video producers, production companies, service providers, short filmmakers, sound stages, and web series creators — just to name a few.

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Each project here is someone's best work.

Browse, follow, and engage with quality content.

Aaron Proctor DP Showreel St. Anthony JBrand "Desert" Tide Pocketman Seven Deadly Sins with Juliette Lewis Pizza Hut "Blake Shelton" That Day London and Southern England LaLaLoopsy "Treehouse Rules" Mattress Firm \"The Houston Texans\" BHN \"Gym\" Why We Went to the Moon JES, Austin Leeds, and Redhead \"Happy\" Ashley Lowry "Heart of A Black Hole" Where He Met Me SCI-Arc "Viewbook" Council of Fashion Designers of Scandinavia Chef Adel Chef Adel Logo XS Camera Showtime Image Spot Strikeforce Totally Busted Campaign Stones in the Sun Fox Reality Re-Mix Royal Heart Help Us Save Our Trees on Mt. Davidson The Breakup Acting Reel Desecrate "Sound of Dying" Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability Campbells BHN "Computer Party" Brookline College

For film, features, pilots, shorts, and documenaries are just some of the types. For web, e-commerce, personal, and official destinations are in the mix. For design, brochures, logos, and print collateral are often found.

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Here are some example Pro members who use FWD:labs


Example Website for an Actor

Camera Companies

Example Website for a Camera Company


Example Website for a Cinematographer


Example Website for an Editor

Music Videos

Example Website for a Music Video

Production Companies

Example Website for a Production Company

Service Companies

Example Website for a Service Company

Short Films

Example Website for a Short Film

Sound Stages

Example Website for a Sound Stage

Web Series

Example Website for a Web Series

and many more


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Pro Filmmaker Apps, Creative Spaces + Places, Social Video Networks, and more.

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Full-time, gigs, and services posted by FWD:labs members, open to all

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You can find work — and hiring professionals can find you
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You can relax by not needing separate web hosting; we take care of that all for you, including uptime, maintenance, and security
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You can reach us directly and actually get a reply quickly
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You can easily control who can visit and who can e-mail you, plus hide any newsfeed updates
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Your Branding & No Ads
Your site can be all about you — and not even mention us
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Design Options
You can change up the look of your site whenever you'd like
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Media Management
You can upload multiple files at once — from HD to 4K and beyond; we also have no speed limits, transcoding queues, or capped uploads of video
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Traffic Reports
You can see at-a-glance data about visitors to your website
Limited Partial Yes Yes
You can have your entire site at your own domain name — not ours
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Use Any Video Player
By using our platform, you've got options — and we get along with others
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Vanity E-mail Address
If you don't have e-mail, we can set up a forwarder for you so you can enjoy the benefits of having a domain name without needing a service or full-on web host just to get e-mail; we can also set up G Suite
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The D.I.Y.

You want a service to help you save time and money. You want to set it up and it starts working for you. Or you want to be a power user. Your choice, Jedi Master. Our service does that ... and this ... and probably that, too.

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You might not have the time nor the patience, but you know what you want. We speak your language. We are truly a small business, available to help free and paid plans together to solve problems and get things done. We are here to help.

Basic or pro plans will be right for you.

The Professional

You recognize talent and want a custom look yourself. You care about the work, not the process. Here at FWD:labs, we specialize in all this stuff and do it ourselves. This service works for us and we've made it available to you.

You're going to love the pro plan.

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