How do I add a Project?

On your "Dashboard," you can choose one of two ways:

  1. Click "Add a Project" on your dashboard
  2. Click "My Work" at the top and then "Add a Project" on that page

Next, type the project name, select the project type (e.g. Film, Web, or Design), and see if the "slug" is available (self-generated choice is a recommendation for SEO purposes).

Upon success, the project is now added to your site. But you can add much more by adding more details such as:

  • Add a summary and/or logline, set the visibility to featured or archived, and include numbers like length/page count and date
  • Add images or PDFs attachments
  • Add videos (hosted or 3rd-party embeds)
  • Add credits
  • Add events, such as past or future screenings
  • Add links, such as Facebook, IMDb and Twitter
  • Add or import news (by hand, or via Twitter or RSS)

On the project edit page, click "Save." This will refresh the cache on your site and display all your changes.






updated over 2 years ago

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