How does the job board work?

Our job board is located at All listings must be paid work. Unlike other job boards, all listings are free to view and apply. Each job poster can provide information about their role and their current/past work. Basic listings are always free with any FWD:labs account.

If you are posting a job:

  • You need to login to create a job listing (Account > Job Board)
  • Once you've deemed it "published," people can apply; the listing is published at immediately and at within 24 hours
  • Via e-mail, when applicants apply, you get an e-mail receipt; no need to login to view it in full
  • If logged in, you can view, sort, favorite, and delete applications to best manage who you'd like to hire, rather than trying to do that all in your e-mail program

If you are a job applicant:

  • You do not need to login to view job listings, but you can register/login if you want to upload a resume to attach and have a pre-filled out application (except for a custom cover letter)
  • When you apply to a job, you immediately get an e-mail receipt, showing it went through
  • To manage expectations, there is no notification of the job poster being interested -- that's done via phone or e-mail at the job posters discretion


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