How do I transfer domain name registrars?

If you're changing registrars and already own the domain, here's a brief outline of how it works to move from one registrar (e.g. GoDaddy) to another (e.g. Hover):

  • Before making any change with a live site:
    • Ensure the e-mail address for the WHOIS admin record is correct and accessible
    • Find the registrar's "auth" code for the domain and write it down; it looks like a strong password that is about 10-15 characters long
    • Set the domain nameserver to what you need for the next 5-7 days (like your new web host) so there's little to no downtime when it switches over
  • If you prefer Hover as your domain name registrar (which we use and recommend), start on their page called Transfer
  • Type in the domain name you already have with a different registrar and submit the main form on that page
  • You'll see two things before you can proceed:
    • Approval from the WHOIS admin on record, done through e-mail
    • Unlock the domain from the outgoing registrar
  • Once past those steps, the next screen asks for the auth code, which you hopefully have readily available from earlier
  • Once verified, you can checkout, provide the new credit card, etc.
  • Then you wait for it to move; usually the change takes a little bit of time, like 5-7 days, and there's no way to speed it up



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