How does the Client Area work?

The Client Area is an area for client or project files that are unlisted and can be password-protected.

Video and ZIP files can be uploaded in bulk without transcoding or other delays, up to 10 in total and up to 4gb each.

When viewing a folder, you'll see all of the files available (if any). No poster frames are needed, just files along with their datestamps and the ability to sort by date or by title. Each folder can optionally have introductory text, a friendlier client name (e.g capitalization, spaces, etc.) and even a client logo. This all shows up within your own branded site -- unlike some services like Vimeo.

When you add files, you have the option to give the file a friendlier name, which vetoes the project's actual file name. You can also add annotations, which are free-form text that shows up beneath the file. This is helpful for sharing work-in-progress files and noting what's new or omitted.

All files can be downloaded to be offline. Usually one needs to "right click" to "save as," but we also have an option to "force download" a file, which means a single click to the button automatically asks where to save it, instead of trying to view it within the browser.

To let people know about new files added to your Client Area, we have e-mail functionality built right into the app. Simply put in their e-mail address and press send. They'll receive a link to the file, along with all of the meta data you've added, like the title, annotations, and link to pull the file offline.

There's a toggle switch to allow public uploads, which can be enabled on a case-by-case basis. For example, instead of using Dropbox, we had 10 camera operators simply upload their dailies via one URL, which requires no user account and was guarded with single password-protection. This saved a lot of hassle that comes with using services like Dropbox and Google Drive to move or share big files.




updated over 3 years ago

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