Why We Went to the Moon

This documentary-style short purports to reveal the psycho-sexual underpinnings of the Apollo moon program.


Said to be culled from NASA archives, and including recently de-classified videos, a fictional US government agency reveals for the first time the true nature of the Apollo space voyages. “Why We Went to the Moon” explores the history of man’s fascination with our near-Earth companion - especially the longing for exotic sexual adventures with the women who must live there. These (mostly) suppressed fantasies achieve unstoppable political potency among American men when the shortage of women during the Eisenhower administration becomes an existential crisis.
One government official (who has asked not to be named) said, “Ha! Very clever…I like it as is.”

6 minutes


Director   Ned Daly »
Ned Daly's debut short, Pastiche Vol1 No1 (2014), has screened to appreciative audiences on three continents. Pastiche was an Official Selection at SESIFF 2014 (S. Korea), Bideodromo Bilbao 2015 (Spain) and the Arlington International Film Festival 2015 (USA).

Daly was trained as stage actor in Massachusetts, USA. In the late 1970's he relocated to Hollywood, working with film directors Alan Arkush and Miklos Gyulai. He spent most of the next three decades traveling extensively in Europe and North America.

In the early 2000's Daly collaborated with the Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii to preserve over 1,000 color images of the Western Pacific. This archive is now known as The Margo Duggan Collection. In 2007 he founded the annual A.J. Liebling Invitational Short Fiction Conference to celebrate the works of the eponymous American journalist/media critic, and the ideas of the Argentinean fantasist Jorge Luis Borges.

A citizen of the United States and the Republic of Ireland, Daly is married to the award-winning watercolorist and collagiste Nancy Miller Daly.
Screenwriter   Ned Daly »
Editor   Ned Daly »
Narrator   Ned Daly »
Post Production   Mike Habernig »

Updated November 2015