UCLA Magazine Profile Series


An ongoing, cinematic series of profiles on influential people and events happening at UCLA.

2014: “UCLA Football (Offense)”, “UCLA Football (Defense)”, “Metro Art,” “Healthy Campus Initiative,” “Antiquity Music”
2013: “Pitch Man,” “Sourcing the Crowd,” “Doubleblind” and “Water Women in Motion”
2012: “Unveiling John Wooden,” “Jorja Leap” and “Team Rubicon”
2011: “The Organ Master” and “A Family of Shadows”
2010: “John Wooden”


Director   Aaron Proctor »
Director of Photography   Aaron Proctor »
Producer   Aaron Proctor »
Producer   Chad Liffmann »
Team Rubicon
Editor   Aaron Proctor »
    Jeremy Hill »
A Family of Shadows
Production Company   FWD:labs »

Updated October 2014