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The Heather Files


Paul, a young ad-agency professional, has written a tremendous piece of copy. His colleague, Gary, has appropriated it to further his romantic aspirations with office bombshell, Heather. Paul must navigate the office labyrinth of a smitten receptionist, gloating co-workers, and never-ending paperwork in order to come to terms with Gary. And somehow, he’s got to recover from the fact that Manny Pacquiao lost his most recent fight…

5 minutes


Donathon   Thomas Faustin Huisking »
Roxy   Roxanna Kaye »
Heather   Kristine May »
Norman   Patrick Daniel »
Paul   Carr Cavender »
Veronica   Sally Weller »
Steve   Ron Michaud »
Chris   Eric Sorenesen »
Gary   Brad Harrison »


Director   Patrick Daniel »
Producer   Thomas Faustin Huisking »
Director of Photography   Aaron Proctor »
Camera Assistant   Leonard Walsh »
Production Company   The Bird Collective »
Production Company   FWD:labs »
Writer   Carr Cavender »
Associate Producer   John Fairbairn »
    Adam Finley »
    Jonathan Grubb »
    Faris Matthews »
Original Music   Rod Gallegos »
Original Music   Rob Haack »
Editor   Russell Lichter »
Boom Operator   Taylor Gossett »
Sound Mixer   Taylor Gossett »
Assistant Editor   Patrick Daniel »

Updated July 2013