Roommates Don and Ross meet at a cafe to argue about cleaning up after Tuesday Night Poker, losing limbs in broccoli picking accidents, and the artistic merit of clay ashtrays shaped like mutilated ponies, while outside an apocalyptic battle is waged right outside their window. Will they ever notice? Will we?

10 minutes

Awards and Screenings

Official Selection 2005 Los Angeles Int'l Short Film Festival
Official Selection 2005 Australia Int'l Film Festival
Official Selection 2005 Boston Int'l Film Festival
Official Selection 2005 Temecula Film Festival
Official Selection 2005 USA Short Film Festival
Official Selection 2005 UCLA Shorttakes


Actor   Kenan Thompson »
    Josh Cooke »
Dualie   Avital Ash »
Citizen   Matthew Beckett »
Dualie   Melissa Bethune »
Dualie   Holly Bonelli »
Citizen   Brian Crano »
SCIE   Patrick Ecclesine »
Citizen   Judd Fish »
Citizen   Carlos Gonzalez »
Citizen   Mila Gukaylo »
Citizen / SCIE   Austin Kemie »
Waitress   Rachel Lawler »
Citizen   Taylor Anne Mountz »
SCIE   Jordan Rouss »
Citizen   Eliot Schwartz »
Citizen / Dualie   Jedrek Speer »
Citizen   Erik Stone »
Citizen   Delia Sweeney »
Citizen   Louise Van der Bank »


Director   Mathieu Young »
Executive Producer   Alfred Rosenstein »
    Joel Zwick »
Stunt Coordinator   Buck McDancer »
Special Effects   David Blitstein »
Director of Photography   Aaron Proctor »
Sound   Sean Phillips »
Music   Zach Danziger »
Music   Henry Hey »
Costume Designer   John Q »
Make-up   Jacklynn Carl »
Script   Mathieu Young »
Script   D. J. Gugenheim »
Producer   D. J. Gugenheim »
Editor   D. J. Gugenheim »
Editor   Mathieu Young »
Assistant Director, 2nd   Brinton Bryan »
Assistant Director, 1st   Christopher S. Bryson »
Assistant Director, 2nd 2nd   Jeff Saville »
Property Master   Matthew C. Kime »
Stunts   Jeffrey McDancer »
Gaffer   Michael Doherty »
Assistant Camera   Emeka Simmons »
Production Assistant   Julie Harry »

Updated April 2009