Maghesive Wall by Ferrofabric for Coolhaus LA


“Coolhaus√ā¬†opened their first storefront in Los Angeles in November 2011. The owners, former architecture students turned successful gourmet foodtruck vendors, wanted to showcase innovation in their space. My goal was to develop an interactive material, color scheme, design, and story that would entertain the inquisitive ice-cream sandwich lovers who stop in. We worked together over the course of seven months, through a series of iterations. The resulting Maghesive Wall√ā¬†has further potential as childrens’ interactive wall art and other reconfigurable surface designs. ” — Ferrofabric

“the pretty magnetic wall in our storefront can entertain any sammie lover for HOURS” — @CoolhausLA


Designer   Jenny Leary »
Director of Photography   Aaron Proctor »
Editor   Aaron Proctor »

Updated April 2013