• Photo for Long Awaited [excerpt]
  • Photo for Long Awaited [excerpt]
  • Photo for Long Awaited [excerpt]

Long Awaited [excerpt]


An ex-soldier seeks the widow of the man he killed by friendly fire.

“Long Awaited,” a short film, is the first project to be produced under the banner of 213 Productions. Filmed on beautiful 35mm film stock, the movie was made possible through a grant from Panavision and many generous private donations.

10 minutes


Marcus   Rob Allen »
Laura   Jill Jordan »
Erik   Ross Willett »
Man in Truck   Eric Clarke »
Woman in Truck   Laurie Jones »


Director   Chris Commons »
Writer   Chris Commons »
Writer   James E. Roberts »
Producer   James E. Roberts »
    Jed Linder »
Director of Photography   Jon Salmon »
Production Designer   Daniel Wrobel »
Editor   Mike Plunkett »
Original Music   Patrick Kirst »
Sound Designer   Alex Reeves »
Sound Mixer   Alex Reeves »
Visual Effects   Jaraad Virani »

Updated May 2014