• Photo for Leerone "Empty Houses"
  • Photo for Leerone "Empty Houses"

Leerone "Empty Houses"


Empty Houses imagines Leerone as the sole attendee at an old woman’s funeral. Courtesy of Friedmann and his animated sorcery, viewers are transported away from the graveyard through the spirit-haunted halls of the deceased woman’s mansion, where Leerone glimpses scenes from the woman’s tragic life. These playback images prompt Leerone to reflect on her own life. Eerie, picturesque, and gorgeously realized, Empty Houses makes a poignant visual statement about fate, life, choices and possibilities.

Conceived by Leerone and produced by LA videographer/animator Hank Friedmann — the same boy genius who oversaw Leerones 2008 video “Care For Some Whiskey?” — “Empty Houses” masterfully employs gothic and steampunk sensibilities in support of Leerone and Hank’s uncompromising creative ambitions.

4 minutes


Young Woman   Leerone »
Elderly Woman   Vallean Mann »
Wedding Participant and Dancer   Roscoe Farnsworth »
Wedding Participant and Dancer   Sasha Strauss »
Wedding Participant and Dancer   Apryl Svetinsky »
Wedding Participant and Dancer   Cherilyn Fox »
Groom and Dancer   Billy Mendieta »
Cicada   Mr. Chirlples »


Director   Hank Friedmann »
Editor   Hank Friedmann »
Compositor   Hank Friedmann »
Set Builder   Hank Friedmann »
Producer   Jenn Michelson »
Executive Producer   Brant Barger »
Executive Producer   Matt Roznovak »
Director of Photography   Larkin Seiple »
Set Builder   Luke Richmond »
Production Designer, Assistant   Ethan Feldbau »
Gaffer   A.J. Whittaker »
Production Assistant   Grace Chung »
Production Assistant   Nichole Peters »
Production Supervisor   Daniela Salkinder »
Hair   Matt Adams »
Hair   Jennifer Nudelman »
Make-up   Shann Christen »
    Jennifer Nudelman »
    Violeta Mallmann »
Wardrobe Stylist   Gabby Canton »

Updated October 2009